What Causes POTS Pain?

Many POTS sufferers have insomnia and chronic fatigue. Often other medical problems occur with this disease including arthritis and chronic pain. Some patients will develop Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (severe burning pain in one portion of the body) or Fibromyalgia (pain throughout the body).

POTS occurs due to over activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System (part of the Autonomic “Automatic” Nervous System). This causes speeding up of the heart with decreased circulation to the skin, bones, small muscles, intestinal tract, and nerves.

Nerves are very fragile.  They require ten times as much oxygen than any other cell in the body with the exception of the Islets of Langerhans, which produce insulin.  The nerve chemical [Calcitonin gene-related Peptide (CGRP)] which increases circulation to the nerves is the same chemical which controls circulation to the fingers and toes.  This is why many patients with POTS also have cold toes and, often, cold fingers.  

The nerves require CGRP to provide sufficient circulation to create adequate amounts of VIP (Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide). The nerve chemical VIP, which improves circulation to the intestinal tract, also has many other activities.  Therefore, those who have POTS are more likely to suffer from conditions such as: migraine headaches, acid reflux, airborne and food allergies, asthma, and osteoporosis.  They are also likely to have aches and pains throughout their bodies.  

Many diseases (including POTS) trace their origin to a breakdown in the stress response system of the body.  This system is designed to have a physical reaction to a short-term stress.  However, if there is long-term stress, the nerves do not have adequate circulation to create the nerve chemicals necessary for normal body function.

Many of the traditional treatments for POTS and chronic pain can cause the pain to actually increase and/or cause other problems.  NSAIDs are well known for causing stomach pain and stomach ulcers.  Injections can cause a response from the Autonomic Nervous System (automatic nervous system).  Chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 6 weeks) involves the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  


Common Treatments Tried Before Using VECTTOR

If you have already tried and found physical therapy, massage, chiropractic treatment, or oral medications to be unsuccessful in relieving your problems with POTS, you are not alone. Consider the VECTTOR Therapy system as a safe, painless and effective treatment designed to give you the relief you need to enjoy life again. 


What VECTTOR Therapy System Can Do For You?

VECTTOR therapy is a form of electrostimulation founded upon principals of acupuncture, reflexology, physiology, cellular physiology, and anatomy and is designed to stimulate the nerves to produce certain vital neuropeptides (including CGRP and VIP) essential for optimal functioning of the body.

The nerve chemicals which play a vital part in the healing process are believed to be produced as VECTTOR stimulates the targeted nerves. An increase in the production of these nerve chemicals produces an increase in circulation to the skin, bone & muscles, circulation that is vital to the healing process.  This increase in circulation results in an increase in the skin surface temperature of the patient’s fingers. VECTTOR monitors this skin surface temperature and, when a satisfactory increase is detected, VECTTOR selects the treatment that showed the best response, assuring that the optimal treatment is being administered, every time treatments are given.