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The VECTTOR system will prompt you to replace your electrodes. However, it is important to remember that the entire surface of the electrode should be “sticky”. If you notice that part of the surface is no longer sticky, you should replace the electrodes, even if VECTTOR has not yet prompted you to do so.

When this happens, use the up/down buttons to see the message “Electrodes Replaced”. Hit the select button to indicate that the electrodes have been replaced. You should no longer see the message.

Only if you are experiencing pain at the site of the injection. If this is the case, you should request a protocol indicating this. Once the pain is gone, you may resume your regular protocols.

If there are any other symptoms such as a cold, vomiting, or body aches, request a new protocol and indicate this when you do. It's fine to run treatments with a fever but you probably won't get a temperature increase since the body is already hot.

Traveling with the system should not be a problem. You may download an airline letter here, in case it is needed. You should be able to carry on the system, or check it as normal baggage.