Post Surgery: Precautions should be observed following recent surgical procedures when muscle contractions may disrupt the healing process.

Use caution when there is a tendency to hemorrhage following acute trauma or fracture, or over the pregnant or menstruating uterus. However, there are no protocols that direct a patient to put electrodes on the abdomen.

    • Application of Heat: NEVER apply any source of heat (such as a heating pad) to an area being treated. Skin irritation and burns beneath the electrodes have been reported with the use of electrical stimulation and TENS devices.
    • Sensitive Skin and Nerve Damage: Use extreme caution when administering a treatment where sensory nerve damage is present or in any case where there is a loss of normal skin sensation, including areas desensitized by medication.
    • Skin Irritation: Some patients may experience skin irritation or hypersensitivity from the electrodes. Apply stimulation only to normal, intact, clean, healthy skin.
    • Adverse Reactions: Some patients may experience headache and other painful sensations during or following the application of electrical stimulation near the eyes and to the head and face.
    • Heart Disease: Patients with suspected or diagnosed heart disease should follow precautions recommended by their physicians.
    • Advisory: Use of TENS devices, such as the VT-200


Is not effective for pain of central origin, including headache;

Is not a substitute for pain medications and other pain management therapies;

Is only recommended while under the continued supervision of a licensed practitioner;

Use only with the leads, electrodes and accessories recommended by the manufacturer;

Have no curative value Is a symptomatic treatment and, as such, suppresses the sensation of pain that would otherwise serve as a protective mechanism;

Effectiveness is highly depending upon patient selection by a practitioner qualified in the management of pain patients:

Since the effects of stimulation of the brain are unknown, stimulation should not be applied across the head and electrodes should not be placed on opposite sides of the head.

The safety of electrical stimulation during pregnancy has not been established.